There are many communities in outback areas of Australia which are generally not exposed to the majority of us during our lifetime. These communities have essentially been forgotten about and still live in 3rd world conditions. They don’t have the basic things in the way of clean water and money to buy healthy food and some of these children are amongst the unhealthiest in the world.

In these communities, babies die at 3 times the rate compared to children in our cities from diseases like TB, rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease which were virtually eliminated in our cities years ago. There is a plague of deafness in many areas which is a result of ear infections that was not treated at infancy and also a high number of skin infections for children in the early years of their lives. The malnutrition is at 3rd world levels. These children currently lack the education and knowledge of how to lead a healthy life and enjoy the simple things we take for granted.

Poor nutrition and physical development affect mental development, and combined with poverty, can mean reduced readiness for school and poor educational attainment and so there is a higher risk of unemployment or work in low-status, low-control jobs in adult life.

 The ‘Have a Ball Foundation’ would like to raise awareness & improve the health & wellbeing of these communities so that they can be given the same opportunities as every other Australian child.

Therefore, 100% all money raised as part of school charity events will be forwarded on to these communities directly who require essential supplies or funding.

Let’s also remember our history, recognise and respect each other, look after our kids, education, health and environment, and celebrate our diverse and multicultural population.

As spoken by Michael Long, in the Herald Sun on Sat 1 June 2013 on recent racism comments:
“Try to understand, it goes back in history. Go back in history and ask the people who were taken away from their families. Go back in history and Aboriginal people were shot and killed for sport. Go back in history and we weren’t even citizens of Australia, we were part of the flora and fauna act. We weren’t even seen as human beings. Go back in history and explain to my mum and dad, who were taken away as children because of the colour of their skin and who never saw their parents again. Go back in time and explain to my mum’s mother how they died of a broken heart because decisions were made about race and discrimination. Go back in time when Nicky Winmar stood up. Go back in time and look at what happened, and what people had to fight for, and to be heard. Go back in time, and we’re talking about the first Australians, the first people of this nation, who were discriminated against, yet this was their country. Why didn’t we get it right in the beginning? Why couldn’t we have bipartisanship? I want people to understand what we are trying to create with The Long Walk. You only have to look at the wars, the hate and why it’s still happening today. We are a lucky country and that’s why I believe in the power of football and believe in the power of change – on all different levels. For anyone, no matter the age, we all know the difference between right and wrong.”

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