Central Australia Trip 2017

In Aug 2017, the Have a Ball Foundation drove up to central Australia to take a trailer load of sports balls to kids in remote communities. We also had a recent appeal to raise money for blankets which we took up to the Utopia region, 250kms north east of Alice Springs. This appeal was inspired by a recent article by the Abc on Kathleen Ngale, a well renowned indigenous artist living on her homeland at Camel Camp. Our appeal for Kathleen and her surrounding communities was greatly received and will certainly help the mothers and elderly with the cold desert nights. Thank you so much to all those who assisted with donations to enable us to achieve our goal.

It was an absolute privilege to track down and meet Kathleen who appeared in good spirits with her husband by her side who cares for her as she sleeps outside on her mattress with her 12 dogs. She faces a number of health issues, however since the Abc posted their recent article on her, she has now received a wheelchair and the article has exposed many of the health issues in the surrounding Utopia communities which all need continual assistance.

It was also wonderful to be able to distribute balls to many of our contacts around Alice Springs who are able to distribute them to the very remote areas across the N.T, WA & SA regions.