Kathleen Ngale – Utopia Appeal

The Have a Ball Foundation is holding a special appeal to assist the elderly people of the Utopia homelands region in the Northern Territory.

Kathleen Ngale is one of Australia’s renowned Indigenous artists whose artwork has been seen all over the world in exhibitions in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Milan.

She is an example of the many elderly people living in devastating conditions in remote communities in central Australia.
Kathleen is now in her 80’s and wanting to live out her years on her own homeland where she was born in the Camel Country of Utopia, 270kms north East of Alice Springs.
With millions of dollars worth of Kathleen’s art for sale all over Australia, she is living out the last of her days on an old mattress with 12 dogs to keep her from freezing at night out in the open air.

Kathleen says “”My leg is no good … I just wait for little bits of food … and I can’t go and wash myself when I feel like it.”

Communities like Camel Camp have the absolute lowest levels of poverty which still exist in our own backyards.

This appeal is to raise funds to assist Kathleen and the elderly people of the Utopia region with new blankets so they can keep warm during the winter months.
The Have a Ball Foundation will be visiting these homelands at the end of August ‘17 to distribute sports balls to kids in the communities as well as blankets for the elderly to survive the cold desert nights.

A full ABC article on Kathleen can be viewed at http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-07-05/utopia-aged-care-kathleen-ngale/8651086

Your urgent donations would be greatly appreciated and 100% of your funds will be used towards assisting these communities.

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